8 September

Popcorn stitch – video tutorial

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Popcorn stitch is one of those stitches that makes crochet so addictive. The amazing three dimensional possibilities of crochet can only be achieved by these techniques that literally make the stitches pop from the background.

I have just finished production of the video tutorial for how to make a crochet popcorn stitch. Now for the double crochet stitch and I will be ready to launch the Crochet Flower Ring pattern featured in a post last week.

5 September

Crochet video tutorial production starts

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The basic knitting tutorials are now on Youtube… now for the crochet tutorials.

The crochet chain video tutorial has now been produced and includes tips on how to hold the hook and a super slow motion run through the chain stitch.

The chain stitch is the perfect way for beginners to get the hang of holding the crochet hook and develop even tension. When I taught beginners crochet classes at the shop I would encourage students make at least 1 metre of chain stitches before trying other stitch types.

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Have a good weekend! Pat

2 September

Bias knitting pattern still popular

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Over the last week I have revisited a number of my previous designs to update the video links in them and to review the instructions. I had some fun rewriting my Giant Retro Cowl pattern – not just to change the color to the one of the colors I do have in stock – but also looking at how the placement of buttons can completely change a simple knitted rectangle.

The idea for the cowl pattern came about whilst considering how to make a bias knitted piece. Bias cut fabrics are always so flattering so I thought that the same theory should apply to a bias-look knitting pattern. I searched through my stitch pattern libraries and finally came across the diagonal rib stitch. Rather than having to increase and decrease, this stitch allows you to knit a diagonal rib along a fixed number of cast on stitches. After a number of swatches in numerous different yarn combinations, the Giant Retro Cowl pattern was born.

It was so popular when we had our store front open in Melbourne that one customer knitted 14 different versions – including a handspun angora version for a Winter bride. It was stunning as was the bride! It remains one of my most popular patterns.

I have just added the new and improved version of this pattern to the website (available for purchase through the Ravelry shopping cart buy now link). I will add some yarn kits in the new Retro colors later this week as well.  Pat x

1 September

Decreasing left then right – video tutorials

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After a beginner knits their first few scarves their attention will often turn to how to knit different shaped garments. A beanie, vest or even a jumper will all require knowledge of how to make decreases to achieve shaping in a garment.

I have produced two video tutorials showing the most common knitting decrease techniques. The first is the skp or slip one, knit 1, pass slipped stitch over technique for left slanting decreases. The second is the knit two together – k2tog – technique for right slanting decreases.

These two techniques are used in my Tangram Blanket design to shape the two large triangles. Enjoy Pat.

29 August

Changing colors and sewing in ends – Video tutorials

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One of the first stumbling blocks faced by beginner knitters is changing colors.

Should you knot the new color onto the old? How do you get the color change to start at the very beginning of a row? And then, what to do with the ends of the yarn?

To answer these very common knitting questions I have produced two new videos explaining how to change a color at the beginning of a row and how to sew the ends in. I have demonstrated on garter stitch as this is the stitch most commonly used to knit your first scarf. Garter stitch also allows for the easy sewing in of ends along the edge of a project rather than the more complicated duplicate stitch technique.

Your feedback is most welcome as well as suggestions for other techniques you would like to see demonstrated. Have a good weekend. Pat

26 August

The purl stitch – video tutorial

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I gave you the knit stitch tutorial yesterday. But, without the purl stitch you won’t be stocking stitching. So here it is. I have made parts of this video slow motion so that you can clearly see how to make the purl stitch. Most commonly used on the wrong side of stocking stitch, the purl stitch is also used in the ever popular moss stitch. Enjoy and don’t forget to subscribe to my Youtube channel knitwithpat and the newsletter below to receive updates on new tutorials and patterns. Pat

25 August

The knit stitch – video tutorial

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This video has taken a little longer to produce than the others as I wanted it to be clear enough for beginners and also avert the most common mistake made at the start of a row. If you gave up knitting because you kept accidentally increasing when you were trying to knit a straight scarf, you need to watch this video. Pass it on to your any friends who have had this same, very common, problem. Now for the purl stitch video. Pat