Changing colors and sewing in ends – Video tutorials

Posted on Aug 29, 2014 in knitting, video

One of the first stumbling blocks faced by beginner knitters is changing colors.

Should you knot the new color onto the old? How do you get the color change to start at the very beginning of a row? And then, what to do with the ends of the yarn?

To answer these very common knitting questions I have produced two new videos explaining how to change a color at the beginning of a row and how to sew the ends in. I have demonstrated on garter stitch as this is the stitch most commonly used to knit your first scarf. Garter stitch also allows for the easy sewing in of ends along the edge of a project rather than the more complicated duplicate stitch technique.

Your feedback is most welcome as well as suggestions for other techniques you would like to see demonstrated. Have a good weekend. Pat

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