19 August

Casting off video tutorial

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The second most commonly forgotten knitting technique is how to cast off. Check out my new casting off (or bind off for our North American customers) video tutorial. See my recent post on casting on if you need a quick refresher on how to cast on.

16 August

Casting on video tutorial

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The most commonly forgotten knitting technique is how to cast on. The second most common is how to cast off. I have just finished production of the knitting cast on video tutorial. This is the most basic cast on technique as it is almost the same as working the knit stitch apart from the little twist at the end.. Watch the short video below to see how it is done. Now to start production of the cast off video tutorial. I hope you are all having a good weekend. Pat

14 August

Intarsia knitting in garter tutorial

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I have just finished a new video tutorial demonstrating the intarsia knitting technique in garter stitch. Intarsia is often worked in stocking stitch but there is a little trick when working on the wrong side of a garter stitch project. Watch the video to see how it is done…

This technique was used in the Tangram Square Blanket design and can be used to make shapes covering larger areas in any knitting project. Enjoy.

13 August

Slip knot video tutorial

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Video production is in full swing and I will be uploading a new video almost every day now until the collection is complete. The pdf patterns for sale on this website will all contain links to these tutorials so that, if in doubt, you can click on the link and see how the particular stitch is made.

This slip knot tutorial belongs in both the knitting and crochet sections as a slip knot is generally need to start knitting or crochet projects. Don’t forget to subscribe to our newsletter below and my Youtube channel knitwithpat to keep updated on new designs and craft tutorials.

12 August

Knit in front and back video

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Knitting into the front and the back of a stitch is one of the easiest ways to increase a stitch in your knitting. I have just finished a video showing you how to work the “knit in front and back” increase – abbreviated as kfb in knitting patterns. This is the method used to increase stitches in the Tangram square blanket design.

4 August

First video – How to thread a wool needle

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I thought I would start with some very basic techniques so have produced a video showing how to thread a wool needle. Sewing up at the end of your knitting project is not the most enjoyable part of crafting.. This video shows you an easy way to get the needle threaded and get you started on finishing.