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9 July

Weaving lessons for beginners

Posted in weaving
Weaving lessons for beginners

I recently launched my new YouTube Channel – weavewithpat – with a collection of videos aimed at the absolute beginner weaver. Here are some snaps from video production.

3 July

Weaver fever

Posted in weaving

A recent rediscovery of weaving has kept me away from my knitting needles and crochet hooks over the last few months. My mother, Marta, was a fantastic tapestry weaver. Weaving is what started her on her journey of dyeing yarns. She couldn’t find the colors she needed for her weaving projects so started to dye […]

31 December

Knitting Tutorial: How to slip a stitch

Posted in knitting, video

One of the most common questions I have had from knitters just starting out is how do you slip a stitch in your knitting. It seems straight forward and it is. As long as you make sure to slip it properly. Watch my new YouTube tutorial to see how to slip a stitch without twisting […]

Top Craft Tips

Avoid craft blunders with our top tips.

  • Extra knitting stitches at edges

    Pulling the yarn too hard and over the top of the needle will turn the first stitch into two stitches.  Bring the yarn back over to the front of the needles to correct.

    - Extra knitting stitches at edges
  • Tight knitting cast on

    Casting on too tight? Use a larger knitting needle to cast on, then switch to the correct needle size for the first row.

    - Tight knitting cast on